Discover Something New With Fused Glass!

Fused glass techniques are generally used to create art glass, glass tiles and jewelry. Slumping allows the creation of larger, functional pieces like dishes, bowls and plates. Production of functional pieces generally requires 2 or more separate firings. Glass fusing classes are typically for 13 and over. Fused glass can be done on a walk-in basis or we offer Tuesday Evening Adult Nights (21 & older) where you can create a one of a kind glass project.

Create Your Own Canvas Masterpiece!

Change it up and complete one of our walk-in canvas projects. Multiple designs for youth and adult to choose from. Each design can be done on your own during open studio hours. The designs all come with step by step instructions, a pattern sheet and a full color image. Our staff will be happy to offer suggestions and answer any questions you may have while painting. You can use the design as a guide or change up the colors to make your own masterpiece. Our Tuesday Evening Adult Canvas workshops (21 and older) are designed to bring out the artist in everyone. Our instructors balance individual instruction with individual creativity so everyone will leave with their own unique masterpiece.