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Come In And Create!

Walk-in Painting Everyday from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm, Last Seating at 5:00 pm

Get to Know Us

At Crazy Glaze Ceramic Studio, we want to bring out the artist in you. We offer numerous classes and events suited for you, your family, friends, and a date, at all ability levels. In our studio, you have the creative freedom to make any style of pottery and have fun with the people you care about most. We welcome you to bring in your own ideas or to get ideas from previously done works. Our staff is friendly and wants to help your idea come to life.


How It's Done!

No Reservations Needed!

Step 1: Choose Your Bisque

We have everything from bowls, plates, mugs, picture frames, vases, figurines and more!​

Step 2: Choose Your Colors

At Crazy Glaze, we offer more than 200 color options!

Step 3: Time To Fire

Once you have painted your bisque, it's time to make your piece come to life! We add a clear coat and then fire your item in our kiln, pieces are ready to be picked up in about 10 days.

Step 4: Take It Home With You

Once your masterpiece comes out of the kiln it will be ready for pickup, we will call you to let you know it is ready.

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