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Application For Employment

Applications can be submitted by emailing a copy to

Download "Crazy_Glaze_Application_2021.pdf"

Job Requirements

Our part time positions involve the learning of all products, processes and programs offered at Crazy Glaze. These include glazing finished product, loading/unloading kilns, keeping the studio clean and tidy, restocking and maintenance of all displays, running parties and assisting customers with all their needs.

Our studio is a busy place, so be prepared to be busy! We have built our business reputation on giving great customer service so if you don't like helping people then this is not the job for you!

Candidates Should:
• Have reliable transportation.
• Enjoy working with adults and children.
• Be self-motivated, good at multi-tasking, and able to handle a fast-paced environment with little supervision.
• Have a warm, engaging, and positive personality.
• Have an artistic interest or appreciation.
• Always go above and beyond with customer service and teamwork.
• Be able to clearly communicate with customers and coworkers.

Hours and Availability 
• Weekdays
• Weekends
• Evenings

Crazy Glaze Offers:
• Flexible schedule.
• Generous discount.
• Creative work environment.
• Friendly atmosphere.